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Killer Escape 2

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61bjpigewilThis is the second version of the popular game Killer Escape where you have to escape from a psycopath who is going to kill you. Previously you woke to find yourself confined in a cell, bruised and confronted by a psycopath. Unline other victims he tortured and murdered, you managed to kill him. In Killer Escape 2 your mission is to escape from the surgery and get evidence to the authorities. You have to examine every door and every corner to find what you needed even though that some places may look a bit creepy. This traditional room escape game is made in such a good way, that you will spend hours looking for tools and evidences. As the game is a bit bloody, I won't recommend it for kids younger than 16 years. Killer Escape 2 is really interesting and you should play it right now. Remember that all actions are made using mouse. Let's find out if you will be able to overcome the killer.